lee westwood

"I went to all the best coaches, David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, you name them. But none could explain the technique that would make me a better chipper. Then Mark Roe gave me a lesson, and it is no exaggeration to say it was a eureka moment. Now my technique is so much better, and is making all the difference in the world.

Now I can spin the ball where I couldn't before. I have got so many more options , and the confidence has spread through the rest of my game. I can take on tight pin positions because I am not afraid of what might happen if I don't pull the shot off. It has got to be worth five or six shots per tournament, and thats that's the difference between finishing 16th and being in contention every week" Lee Westwood - World Number 1

justin rose

"Roey has given me a couple of simple keys and a simple understanding of doing what i did as a kid again" Justin Rose on his short game mentor


"Short game had always been the weakness in my game, until I started working with Mark, for the first time I actually enjoyed working on my chipping and putting. # Mark helped me take away all the unnecessary thoughts and made me focus on the technical aspects that have really made a difference in my game" Francesco Molinari


Colin Montgomerie Ryder Cup Captain and BBC Sports Personality Coach of the Year. The coaches on our Ryder Cup Team were the unsung heroes." Peter Cowan, Dennis Pugh and Mark Roe. the guys that you dont hear about, the guys that get our team on form and just prepare a little better than our competition did. It only took 1/2 a point preparation more to win the Ryder Cup back again!


Nicolas Colsaerts Anyone who played with Mark in the past witnessed how wicked his short game was, being almost unbeatable in this so important part of the game. My short game was a mess when i started working with Roey back in May 2010. Since my first lesson i realized the impact Mark would have on my career not only the short game stuff but also how to go about tournaments and make the most of them. Here i am now a winner on the European Tour less than 12 months after our first session. Thanks for opening the doors that were shut for me Mark

butch harmon

"Lee's done a lot of work with Mark Roe - Mark congratulations you've done a great job with Lee Westwood." Butch Harmon - Sky Sports US Open 2007 coverage.

Ian Poulter

"Roeys short game was pretty amazing when he played, so it is no surprise that in a short space of time he has become regarded as one of the best short game coaches in the world." Ian Poulter

Marcel Siem

"Thank you Roey, it's "......." brilliant, great to work with you, impressive!!"
Marcel Siem

Hunter Mahan

"Massive respect for you and your skills Roey thanks" "H"
Hunter Mahan

Ross Fisher

"Its all about the short game, and thanks to Roey I am now in the top twenty in the world. Could'nt have done it with out you mate. " Ross Fisher

Soren Hansen

"Mark has an ability to make the complicated seem simple, which can be invaluable in a world defined by over-analysis. My improvements around the green have bred confidence in all facets of my game." Soren Hansen

Dennis Pugh

"Mark's expertise in the short game has transferred seamlessly from PGA tour professional player to coach. He has proved his ability to transform the scoring skills of all his pupils irrelevant of their level of ability. His results are outstanding " Dennis Pugh PGA Master Professional and coach to Colin Montgomerie at the 02,04,06 Ryder Cup's

Mark Warren

"I asked Roey to help me with my short game at the Barclays Scottish Open 2007. In the space of of 45 minutes, not only had he transformed my chipping, but also my season . His advice helped me to 2 victories this year including 'The World Cup of Golf' for Scotland."
Marc Warren

Richard Finch

"One of the strengths that helped Mark win three times on tour was his superb short game. I felt this was an area I needed to improve and asked to work with him in September 2007. Mark's knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy made all the difference within a few months I kept my tour card after struggling all season and just weeks later captured my firts tour title at the New Zealand Open." Richard Finch


"It was absolutely fantastic, I have never hit my wedges as good as that! Onward and upwards." Darren Clarke

Steve Webster

" I only trust two people with my short game, Sevvy Ballesteros and Mark Roe." Steve Webster

Paul Mcginley

"Roey teaches a technique common in the best pitchers and chippers in the world. That relies solely on fundamentals and physics that are blindingly obvious from the moment he begins his teaching."Paul Mcginley

Nick Dougherty

"The work I have done with Mark on my short game has opened my eyes as to how simplistic the short game game can be if you use the correct fundamentals, and just how complicated I made it myself before he taught me. I have now have confidence not only that I will get up and down, but that i will hole it." Nick Dougherty

Ollie Fisher

"Mark is a great coach, his experience of playing on tour for many years means he has a huge amount of knowledge to give and he definately has a great eye and attention to detail. Since working with Mark my short game has improved a lot, I now find it easier to strike all my chips and pitches more consistently." Ollie Fisher

Simon Holmes

"Westwood chipping and putting, bunker shots a miracle! no miracle just Mark Roe." Simon Holmes

DJ Spoony

"Any time you get a big up from Butch Harmon you must be doing something well." Amateur Golfing Legend DJ Spoony

"Lee Westwood's short game is vastly improved". Peter Oosterhuis

Bill Elliot

"Watching Mark coach Nick Dougherty was watching a master at work. Mark is clearly passionate about what he does and, equally clearly, very good at it. He has even made me think my own short game could be improved. Or at least established!" The original "Billy Elliott" Legendary golfing Journalist Bill Elliott

Barry Lane

"I have been working with Mark for 18 months, he has transformed my chipping and bunker play. He makes it so simple for all levels of golfer to understand, whatever their handicap. Thank you Mark it feel's great to be a winner again." Barry Lane 6 time tour winner, Ryder Cup Player and the 2010 Scottish Seniors Open Champion