Amateur Testimonials

"Marks ability to connect with someone as young as my 7 year old son Aryaman was truly wonderful. Marks teaching style, capability to communicate and to drive results is exceptional. His lessons were fun, inspirational and challenging. Mark's passion for the game is infectious and he has made Aryaman love and enjoy the game even more "Melrose Singh - Aryaman's Mother

"My short game was tragic prior to working with Mark, I was a 9 handicap golfer chipping like a 36 handicap. Since working with Mark my golf has improved beyond all recognition and i now look forward to chipping in competitions some thing i dreaded before. Not only is Mark a sensational coach but great company as well.

I consider the work we do the best investment i could make in my golf." - Stephen Miron C E O Global Radio

"I started working with Mark a year ago, and in that time he has transformed my short game and self belief. I honestly believe Mark is the best short game coach in the world.

I credit him fully for all my success in 2009 and I feel so privileged to be able to work with him" Charlie Douglass - English Ladies Amateur Champion 2009

"When Mark and I spoke on the phone for the 1st time about a year ago, i didn't know how good he was at his job and he didn't know how good a 10 year old can be. After the session I realised how much Mark had fallen in love with Billy's talent. But most of all I had fallen in love with Mark's coaching ability, especially his short game coaching, incredible. Every time Billy sees Mark for coaching, Billy always comes back a better person than when he went. Mark is the best in the business in what he does, and hopefully in time you will see Mark turn Billy into the finished article that we both think he will be."Andy Spooner - Billy's Father

"If you love the game of golf and want to improve there is no better investment, I can recommend than Mark Roe's "Art of the Short Game". Nothing is impossible if you break it down into manageable parts. Mark does this with skill and patience, giving you confidence by first doing what is necessary to understand, the basics, then you see what is possible in your own game.

Before long you are at that "Eureka" moment, and you are doing what you thought was impossible and with a large smile on your face."Alan Barr


"I went to Mark, inconsistent and extremely short of confidence. In a very short space of time i had a simple, repeatable technique and the belief that anything is possible The key that sets Mark apart is his ability to assess each individual and discover the best way for them to learn, add this to his patience and technical expertise and you cant go wrong. If only he could spend some of his earnings on better ties for his Sky TV work!"Andy Hamilton (Wisley)


"Mark has improved my chipping and pitching beyond my widest expectations. Then at my request and in no more than 15 minutes he utterly transformed my long game as well. Its the best golf lesson i've ever had from in my opinion the most intuitive golf coach ever seen." Steve Wain Hcp 8.7 (orig 12) Pike Hills GC


"Mark has revolutionised my game, I can now play shots i thought only top pros could play. The results have been breathtaking." David Hoyle Blackpool Park Golf Club


"I was keen to investigate the Art of the Short Game, and invest in a top class coach . The results in a short space of time and in just one session were quite frankly remarkable . The simple adjustments coupled with Marks delivery and understanding of the person he is with is a testament to his ability to get the best from you. Go and see Mark Roe. You will be amazed." David Vogues 8 handicapper - Surrey